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About Premier

To get customer confidence in our oil skimmers we supplied and installed oil skimmer on Free Trial basis some 20 years back. We received a very good response from most of the customers and their PO. Also, we were told to do some improvements in the product by our customers to enhance the working of oil skimmer at the location it was installed.

Premier was established in the year 1994 by a young technocrat Mr. Amit Gupta to give technically and commercially viable products to industries in the field of automobile, steel plants, and other small industries for CNC Machines, Industrial washing machines, etc.

The basic aim of the Premier was to give technically proved long working satisfaction with minimum maintenance cost.

At the start, the premier was a small organization with very little staff since we could not afford the working cost of workforce.

We were only concern that the customer shall be satisfied with the long duration of the oil skimmer working. It was never money concerned for product improvement. We took lots of effort by doing a site visit and in some cases total replacement of oil skimmer to satisfy the customers.

Today also we work on the basic principle of customer satisfaction.

As of today, the premier is having a list of satisfied customers all over India and abroad using Premier make oil skimmer

As per pollution control board of the country all the big industries are directed to clean their wastewater before disposal to rivers or sea. Oil is one impurity in the wastewater collected, which is removed by our Oil Skimmer from the surface of the water. By installing Belt or Tube oil skimmer on top of the tank the waste floating oil can be collected in a 200 liters drum or any other oil collection vessel

Today the company is a leading manufacturer of oil skimmer in India. The company has a comprehensive product line to cater to the ever-changing requirements of the market.

Premier has well-versed product development and product R & D staff.

Premier is having experienced staff to resolve customer troubleshooting by online support and if required sending service engineers to the customer site.

Premier has confident and full customer problem solutions and problems are resolved without a site visit.